Rich Hubbard - Making the Grass Green

Rich Hubbard - Making the Grass Green
Genre: R&B
Album: Making the Grass Green
Release Date: October 18, 2006
Artist: Rich Hubbard
Duration: 01:02:44
Invocation/Rise UpRich Hubbard3:44
Rain on BaghdadRich Hubbard3:45
Now That You KnowRich Hubbard3:19
When It Rains It PoursRich Hubbard6:48
Death of DemocracyRich Hubbard3:39
Born of a VirginRich Hubbard5:02
Create PeaceRich Hubbard5:44
Father's LamentRich Hubbard6:14
Four PrayersRich Hubbard12:44
Warriors of LoveRich Hubbard6:21
I Wish You WellRich Hubbard5:24

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