Bo Diddley - Big Bad Bo

Bo Diddley - Big Bad Bo
Styles: Rock & Roll
Recording Location: Sound Exchange Studio, New York, NY
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Big Bad Bo
Release Date: 1974
Artist: Bo Diddley
Duration: 31:42

Having tried everything else in his search for a new sound, Bo moved into a jazz vein on this record, and the results are not bad, but not they're not really Bo, either. His cover of Van Morrison's "I've Been Workin'," and his rendition of "Hit Or Miss" aren't half-bad, but they're just classic Bo-- just Bo fronting some really good jazzmen in New York. For the first time, the Bo Diddley beat appears nowhere on one of his albums. There is one good blues tune here, however, in "Evelee," the only Bo original on Big Bad Bo. It features a powerful performance by the Originator, who working for most of its length with a relatively stripped down band; this one number should've been the model for the whole album.

Bite You / Terri Lynn / Tammi McDanielBo Diddley4:23
He's Got All the Whiskey / Bobby CharlesBo Diddley4:42
Hit or Miss / Odetta Felious GordonBo Diddley3:43
You've Got a Lot of Nerve / Kay McDaniel / Connie RedmondBo Diddley3:25
Stop the Pusher / Kay McDanielBo Diddley5:12
Evelee / Ellas McDanielBo Diddley6:25
I've Been Workin' / Van MorrisonBo Diddley3:52

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