Steamhammer - Reflection

Steamhammer - Reflection
Styles: Prog-Rock, Blues-Rock
Recording Location: Pan Sound Studios Ltd., London, England
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Reflection
Release Date: 1969
Artist: Steamhammer
Duration: 38:44

Reflection is also-ran late-'60s British blues-rock, with more rock-oriented takes on the kind of approach used by heroes Freddie King and B.B. King. B.B. King's "You'll Never Know," in fact, is covered here, though most of the material was penned by the band. Steamhammer doesn't put much of an original spin on its sources, or on the British blues-rock form, though this is competent and does generally have a moodier, more downbeat feel than most of the band's competition in the genre. The expressive qualities of Kieran White's voice, though, are limited, as though he's being pinched by something that keeps him from letting go too much. The best moments come when they venture just a little outside of the ordinary U.K. blues-rock model, particularly when Harold McNair adds some jazzy flute; "Down the Highway" sounds a little close to some of early Jethro Tull. Future Jefferson Starship member Pete Sears plays session piano. The 2002 CD reissue on Akarma adds two bonus tracks from 1969 singles, "Windmill" and "Autumn Song," which are more explicit forays into the more melodic jazz-blues-rock direction mined by the likes of Jethro Tull, Colosseum, and Davy Graham in the late '60s, again with prominent flute.

Water, Pt. 1 / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer0:52
Junior's WailingSteamhammer3:18
Lost You Too / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer3:27
She Is the Fire / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer3:10
You'll Never Know / B.B. KingSteamhammer3:26
Even the Clock / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer4:07
Down the Highway / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer4:30
On Your RoadSteamhammer2:50
Twenty- Four Hours / Eddie BoydSteamhammer7:27
When All Your Friends Are Gone / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer3:49
Water, Pt. 2 / Martin QuittentonSteamhammer1:48

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