Buddy Guy - The Complete Chess Studio Sessions

Buddy Guy - The Complete Chess Studio Sessions
Styles: Chicago Blues, Electric Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Genre: Blues
Recording Date: March 2, 1960 - August, 1966
Album: The Complete Chess Studio Sessions
Release Date: 1992
Artist: Buddy Guy
Duration: 02:16:59

Here's everything that fleet-fingered Buddy Guy waxed for Chess from 1960 to 1966, including numerous unissued-at-the-time masters, offering the most in-depth peek at his formative years imaginable. Stone Chicago blues classics ("Ten Years Ago," "My Time After Awhile," "Let Me Love You Baby," "Stone Crazy"), rockin' oddities ("American Bandstand," "$100 Bill," "Slop Around"), even a cut that features guitarist Lacy Gibson's vocal rather than Guy's ("My Love Is Real") -- some 47 sizzling songs in all.

First Time I Met the Blues [1960 Single Version] / Eurreal MontgomeryBuddy Guy2:17
Slop Around / Willie Dixon / Buddy Guy / Eurreal MontgomeryBuddy Guy2:05
I Got My Eyes On You / Willie Dixon / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:18
Broken Hearted Blues / Willie DixonBuddy Guy3:17
Let Me Love You Baby [Single Version] / Willie DixonBuddy Guy2:53
I Got a Strange Feeling / Willie Dixon / Al PerkinsBuddy Guy3:05
Gully Hully / Eurreal MontgomeryBuddy Guy3:04
Ten Years Ago / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:36
Watch Yourself / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy4:02
Stone Crazy / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy7:11
Skippin' / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy3:22
I Found a True Love / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy6:15
Hard But It's Fair / Willie DixonBuddy Guy2:21
Baby (Baby, Baby, Baby) / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:08
When My Left Eye Jumps / Willie Dixon / Al PerkinsBuddy Guy3:53
That's It / Chuck Calhoun / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:38
The Treasure Untold / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:00
American Bandstand / Willie Dixon / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:01
No Lie / Billy "The Kid" Emerson / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:28
$100 Bill / Janie Bradford / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:10
My Love is Real / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:35
Buddy's Boogie / Buddy GuyBuddy Guy2:37

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