Wooly Mammoth - The Temporary Nature

Wooly Mammoth - The Temporary Nature
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: The Temporary Nature
Release Date: November 28, 2006
Artist: Wooly Mammoth
Duration: 57:51
Head Full of CollisionWooly Mammoth6:15
From Merdian HillWooly Mammoth5:52
Black Spider, Red SpiderWooly Mammoth3:45
Slow LoveWooly Mammoth8:53
LiberasaurWooly Mammoth3:40
The Middle WayWooly Mammoth4:40
The Temporary NatureWooly Mammoth7:12
The ArsonistWooly Mammoth6:16
Mammoth BonesWooly Mammoth11:18

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