Frank Sinatra - Swing Easy!

Frank Sinatra - Swing Easy!
Styles: Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
Genre: Vocal
Album: Swing Easy!
Release Date: August 22, 1954
Artist: Frank Sinatra
Duration: 19:21

As the title implies, the record concentrates on up-tempo swingers. Again, the songs were all standards -- "Just One of Those Things," "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams," "All of Me" -- that benefitted from the new thematic setting, the new arrangements, and, of course, Sinatra's increasingly playful and textured vocals. Sinatra plays around with the melodies without leaving them behind, delivering each line with precision. It ranks as one of his most jazzy performances, as well as one of his most fun and carefree records.

Just One of Those Things / Johnny Mercer / Cole Porter / Harry WarrenFrank Sinatra3:13
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter) / Fred E. Ahlert / Vernon Duke / Ted Fetter / John Latouche / Joe YoungFrank Sinatra2:25
Sunday / Harry Barris / Chester Conn / Ted Koehler / Bennie Krueger / Ned Miller / Billy Moll / Jule StyneFrank Sinatra2:28
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) / Roy Alfred / Harry Barris / Ted Koehler / Billy May / Billy MollFrank Sinatra2:13
Taking a Chance on Love / Harry Archer / Vernon Duke / Ted Fetter / John Latouche / Harlan ThompsonFrank Sinatra2:11
Jeepers Creepers / Fred E. Ahlert / Johnny Mercer / Harry Warren / Joe YoungFrank Sinatra2:21
Get Happy / Harold Arlen / Ted KoehlerFrank Sinatra2:23
All of Me / Gerald Marks / Seymour B. Simons / Seymour SimonsFrank Sinatra2:07
How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me / Tyree Glenn / Allan RobertsFrank Sinatra
Why Should I Cry over You? / Chester Conn / Ned MillerFrank Sinatra
Sunday / Chester Conn / Benny Krueger / Ned Miller / Jule StyneFrank Sinatra
Just One of Those Things / Cole PorterFrank Sinatra

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