The Hi-Fives / The Smugglers - Summer Games

The Hi-Fives / The Smugglers - Summer Games
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk, Punk Revival, Punk-Pop, Punk/New Wave
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Summer Games
Release Date: January 19, 1996
Artist: The Hi-Fives \ The Smugglers
Duration: 7:37

Let's see, both bands love 60's British Invasion rock and they like to wear vintage three-piece suits whenever they play live (the heat and perspiration must be unbearable). Regardless of their similar influences and appearance, one can still tell the difference between Vancouver's Smugglers and California's Hi-Fives; and no it's not the accents. Take the Smugglers for example, who have more of a clean cut rocking, approach to the catchy pop-punk hooks. They even manage to cover a Brett TV's song -whom a couple members of the Hi-Fives used to be in. Speaking of which, the flip side remains in that Hi-Fives style of bouncy, energized 60's pop that's so remarkable cheesy, one can't help but eat up and ask for seconds.

All that's missing from "Summer Games" are the rhythmic handclaps.

She Ain't No Egyptian / The SmugglersThe Hi-Fives / The Smugglers2:30
Elite ManilaThe Hi-Fives / The Smugglers1:34
Meet The Hi Fives / The Hi-FivesThe Hi-Fives / The Smugglers1:47
I Need Your Lovin' Like A Chicken Needs An Oven (When I'm A Little Bit / The Hi-FivesThe Hi-Fives / The Smugglers1:46

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