Les Paul & Mary Ford - Fabulous Les Paul & Mary Ford

Les Paul & Mary Ford - Fabulous Les Paul & Mary Ford
Styles: Traditional Pop, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Genre: Vocal
Album: Fabulous Les Paul & Mary Ford
Release Date: 1965
Artist: Les Paul & Mary Ford
Duration: 26:11

Since Columbia didn't have access to any of Paul and Ford's monster hits, they made do on their budget Harmony line with this collection of stray album tracks, near-hits, and failed singles. Clearly some of the old zip is missing from much of Paul's Columbia music, a lot of which is taken at glacial tempos. But his guitar obligatos to Ford's lugubrious vocals are always fascinating, witty, thoroughly original, and often harmonically audacious; "Am I Blue" is a masterpiece of succinct eloquence. And there were some energetic tracks early in the Columbia period that could stand beside the high-powered Capitol hits: the multi-guitar, sparkling rendition of "The Poor People of Paris" and "Jura (I Swear I Love You)." Whatever its musical value, though, the CD reissue of this ten-tune LP represents appallingly short value, even at a budget price.

The Poor People of Paris / Marguerite MonnotLes Paul & Mary Ford2:11
Jura (I Swear I Love You) / SinhôLes Paul & Mary Ford2:18
Am I Blue / Harry Akst / Grant ClarkeLes Paul & Mary Ford3:17
Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) / Harry Barris / Ted Koehler / Billy MollLes Paul & Mary Ford3:11
Goodnight Irene / Lead Belly / Huddie Ledbetter / John A. LomaxLes Paul & Mary Ford2:21
Makin' Whoopee / Walter Donaldson / Gus KahnLes Paul & Mary Ford2:10
Your Cheatin' Heart / Hank WilliamsLes Paul & Mary Ford2:52
East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) / Brooks BowmanLes Paul & Mary Ford2:01
After You've Gone / Henry Creamer / Turner LaytonLes Paul & Mary Ford2:06
'Deed I Do / Walter Hirsch / Fred RoseLes Paul & Mary Ford3:44

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