The Luddites - Cafe Believe

The Luddites - Cafe Believe
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Cafe Believe
Release Date: February 9, 2005
Artist: The Luddites
Duration: 35:39
EttouffeThe Luddites3:41
The Whiskey SongThe Luddites2:38
Rich Man Finds LoveThe Luddites4:20
Chateau MargauxThe Luddites3:30
Cafe BelieveThe Luddites5:04
WhisperThe Luddites5:13
Terror of Being AloneThe Luddites2:11
Too Much of a Good ThingThe Luddites3:39
Warm BedThe Luddites2:37
Rich ManThe Luddites2:46

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