Sherban Lupu - Bartok: Complete Works for Violin and Piano

Sherban Lupu - Bartok: Complete Works for Violin and Piano
Styles: Chamber Music
Genre: Classical
Album: Bartok: Complete Works for Violin and Piano
Release Date: 2004
Artist: Sherban Lupu
Duration: 02:35:38

Béla Bartók's best-known and most substantial works for violin and piano are his Sonatas No. 1 and No. 2 and the Rhapsodies No. 1 and No. 2, though he wrote several more pieces for this combination of instruments -- some early miscellaneous compositions, and later collections of folk songs and dances, which Bartók identifies by name or national origin -- which are less frequently played but attractive for their vibrant moods and enjoyable for their fresh harmonies and rhythmic vitality. Violinist Sherban Lupu and pianist Ian Hobson present all the published works in this handsome double-disc from Zephyr, not in chronological order but in a balanced arrangement where the original compositions and the folk suites are evenly sorted for the sake of variety. Lupu and Hobson are engaging performers, though they are most relaxed and playful in the youthful Sonata (1903) and the dance pieces, which seem to allow a few casual touches. Because this set is comprehensive and runs to over 2.

5 hours, newcomers may find listening to it in one sitting a bit daunting; concentrating on one disc or the other is fine, since each gives a fair impression of Bartók's varied styles, whether in his accessible, late-Romantic vein or in his spiky modernist manner. Zephyr's sound quality is fine, though a bit lacking in presence.

Sonata for violin & piano in E minor, BB 28, DD 72
Allegro moderatoSherban Lupu10:15
AndanteSherban Lupu10:04
VivaceSherban Lupu10:14
Folk dances
Ardeleana (Transylvanian Dance); Joc (Dance); Jocul ursului (Bear Dance); A turcii (Goat Dance); BaSherban Lupu2:00
Sonatina for violin & piano (arranged from piano work by Endré Gertler with Bartok's approval), Sz. 55, BB 102a
Dudások (Bagpipers)Sherban Lupu1:28
Medvetánc (Beardance)Sherban Lupu0:42
FinaleSherban Lupu2:14
Folk dances
De ciuit (For shouting); Árfátfalvi kesergö (Sad song from Arfatfalva); Judecata (The Judgement); CSherban Lupu3:49
Rhapsody for violin & piano No. 1, Sz. 86, BB 94a
Lassú-ModeratoSherban Lupu4:24
Friss-Allegretto moderatoSherban Lupu3:53
Friss-first endingSherban Lupu1:58
Friss-second ending onlySherban Lupu1:23
Folk dances
Romanie (Romania); Tigaresca (Gypsy dance); De-a sarita (Hopscotch); Dans (Dance); Dans (Dance); DaSherban Lupu7:06
Rhapsody for violin & piano No. 2, Sz. 89, BB 96a
Lassú-moderatoSherban Lupu5:00
Friss-allegro moderatoSherban Lupu6:22
Friss-original versionSherban Lupu7:16

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