Pete "French Pete" Tremblay - BR8 Sessions

Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: BR8 Sessions
Release Date: August 12, 2008
Artist: Pete 'French Pete' Tremblay
Duration: 24:38
The Boozy TruthPete "French Pete" Tremblay2:52
Jesus at the CambiePete "French Pete" Tremblay3:00
Help a Brothers OutPete "French Pete" Tremblay4:04
Me and JC RepraisePete "French Pete" Tremblay1:58
Ye Olde Tough to LovePete "French Pete" Tremblay3:33
PoetsPete "French Pete" Tremblay3:30
CandomightdoPete "French Pete" Tremblay3:03
ButterfliesPete "French Pete" Tremblay2:38

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