Leave It To Us - Never Turn Back

Leave It To Us - Never Turn Back
Recording Location: Kikdim Studios
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Never Turn Back
Artist: Leave It To Us
Duration: 48:37
Worth It To MeLeave It To Us4:06
Leave This PlaceLeave It To Us3:58
Too Little Too LateLeave It To Us2:59
Stay StrongLeave It To Us3:58
ScumbagLeave It To Us4:06
Fourth Wheel of a TricycleLeave It To Us4:13
EighteenLeave It To Us4:20
The Will To EscapeLeave It To Us4:40
FallingLeave It To Us3:55
Lights OnLeave It To Us2:59
SnakesLeave It To Us3:14
I Can't Get Over You 'til You Get Out From Under HimLeave It To Us4:34
Take Their MoneyLeave It To Us1:35

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