Asian Dub Foundation - Conscious Party

Asian Dub Foundation - Conscious Party
Styles: Electronica, House, Progressive House, Tech-House, Techno, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Genre: Electronic
Album: Conscious Party
Release Date: January 26, 1999
Artist: Asian Dub Foundation
Duration: 01:09:59

Furious, smart, and bolstered by their Rage Against the Machine-it's-okay-to-like tag, Asian Dub Foundation were exterminating complacent rock half a century before Primal Scream decided to teach listeners that vowels were fascist. So this exclusive French release pits ADF in the live arena and sprinkles on some B-sides to remind listeners when Bobby Gillespie and company decided to ditch their Stetson Stones shtick and get with the fists in the air program. Too bad this badly mixed reproduction of the band ripping up the London Astoria doesn't quite do them justice. Guitars sound like birdfeeders, sequencers like Nintendo; only the vocals fire off with any sort of Johnny Rotten anti-elegance. And when they feel the need to spell out their message in between songs, you can just picture the receptive heads making beelines for the bar.

Patronizing instead of political, counter-productive instead of heroic. If this is how it's going to be, there's not much else fans can do but band together, demand less patronizing, and -- here it comes -- fight the glower.

Assassin / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:37
Black White / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation3:47
Naxalite / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:24
Taa DeemAsian Dub Foundation5:23
Dub Mentality / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation4:53
Hypocrite / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation4:19
Buzzing / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:25
Charge / Aniruddha Das / Pandit G / Steve Chandra SavaleAsian Dub Foundation4:13
Free Satpal Ram / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:17
Tribute to John Stevens / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:15
Free Satpal Ram / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:24
Charge / Aniruddha Das / Pandit G / Steve Chandra SavaleAsian Dub Foundation5:03
Digital Underclass / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation5:24
Culture Move / Pandit GAsian Dub Foundation4:35

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