Allen Brothers - Allen Brothers, Vol. 2: 1930-1932

Allen Brothers - Allen Brothers, Vol. 2: 1930-1932
Styles: Old-Timey
Genre: Country
Recording Date: November 22, 1930 - December 5, 1932
Album: Allen Brothers, Vol. 2: 1930-1932
Release Date: September 7, 2000
Artist: Allen Brothers
Duration: 01:09:06

The second of three CDs that reissue all of the recordings by the Allen Brothers features the duo (Austin Allen on vocals and banjo, Lee Allen on kazoo, guitar, and occasional singing) performing 23 selections during seven sessions cut in Memphis, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Camden, New Jersey. The pioneering country group performs such numbers as "A New Salty Dog," "Preacher Blues," "Slide Daddy, Slide," "Shake It, Ida, Shake It," "Mother-in-Law Blues," "Crossfiring Blues," and "Fruit Jar Blues." Of their three Document discs, this is the most rewarding one.

A New Salty DogAllen Brothers2:40
Preacher BluesAllen Brothers3:15
When You Leave, You'll Leave Me SadAllen Brothers3:10
Chattanooga MamaAllen Brothers3:00
It's Too Bad for YouAllen Brothers2:41
Slide Daddy, SlideAllen Brothers2:56
Pile Drivin' PapaAllen Brothers2:36
Shake It, Ida, Shake ItAllen Brothers2:41
Roll It DownAllen Brothers2:57
Mother-In-Law Blues / Don RobeyAllen Brothers2:44
Unlucky ManAllen Brothers3:15
Laughin' and Cryin'Allen Brothers3:04
Monkey BluesAllen Brothers3:09
Glorious Night BluesAllen Brothers3:11
InspirationAllen Brothers3:06
Crossfiring BluesAllen Brothers2:52
I'll Be Here a Long, Long TimeAllen Brothers3:18
It Can't Be DoneAllen Brothers2:59
Windowshade BluesAllen Brothers3:09
Maybe Next Week Sometime No. 2Allen Brothers3:08
Fruit Jar BluesAllen Brothers3:25
Lightning Bug BluesAllen Brothers2:52
Warm Knees BluesAllen Brothers2:58

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