Naida Cole - Reflections

Naida Cole - Reflections
Styles: Keyboard
Genre: Classical
Album: Reflections
Release Date: 2002
Artist: Naida Cole
Duration: 01:09:27

Pianist Naida Cole has been called "an artist to watch." While Cole is an attractive young woman, it's curious as to what it is people should be watching for. Cole's piano playing is technically impressive, but her performances are nearly devoid of interpretive interest. She bashes her way through Ravel's Miroirs, batters her way through Bartók's Improvisations, and blusters her way through Liszt's sonata while nailing the notes, but she misses the meaning. There is tonal beauty in Miroirs, but Cole's brittle tone belies it. There is structural integrity to Bartók's Improvisations, but Cole's blunt performance subverts it. There are emotional heights, spiritual depths, virtuostic brilliance, and sensual beauty in Liszt's sonata and Cole goes flying past all of it without looking back. This is technically impressive, but interpretatively uninvolving.

Miroirs, for piano (or orchestra)
NoctuellesNaida Cole5:13
Oiseaux tristesNaida Cole4:16
Une barque sur l'océanNaida Cole6:57
Alborada del graciosoNaida Cole6:21
La Vallée des clochesNaida Cole6:07
Improvisations (8) on Hungarian Peasant Songs for piano, Sz. 74, BB 83 (Op. 20)
I.Naida Cole1:24
II.Naida Cole1:03
III.Naida Cole2:21
IV.Naida Cole0:41
V.Naida Cole0:55
VI.Naida Cole1:45
VII.Naida Cole2:07
VIII.Naida Cole2:09
Piano Sonata in B minor, S. 178 (LW A179)
Lento assai; Allegro energicoNaida Cole11:09
Andante sostenutoNaida Cole6:47
Allegro energicoNaida Cole10:12

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