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Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Home
Release Date: 1972
Artist: Home
Duration: 37:34

Home's second album, perhaps even a little more than their 1971 debut Pause for a Hoarse Horse, might have been mistaken for an American country-rock record at a casual listen, though the band were British. In keeping with California trends, too, the country-rock got a little slicker, the harmonies at points slightly resembling those of the Eagles, though that group had yet to really take off when Home was issued. It's a marginally more serious, mellow, and wistful LP than Home's first album, and the more laid-back qualities of early-'70s Neil Young must count as a prominent influence as well, on both the singing and songwriting. Still, it's a marginal album as a whole, if not quite mediocre. The tunes aren't too memorable, and the tracks (like those on many on early-'70s rock releases) sometimes go on too long, with the nine-minute "My Lady of the Birds" incorporating some vaguely progressive rock passages, though it isn't typical of the record. The overall atmosphere is on the low-energy side, even for mellow country-rock.

Fancy Lady, Hollywood ChildHome3:55
Rise UpHome3:14
Dear LordHome2:51
Baby Friend of MineHome4:31
Western FrontHome5:07
Lady of the BirdsHome9:03

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