Dhafer Youssef - Abu Nawas Rhapsody

Dhafer Youssef - Abu Nawas Rhapsody
Genre: International
Album: Abu Nawas Rhapsody
Artist: Dhafer Youssef
Duration: 01:00:47
SacréDhafer Youssef4:54
Les Ondes OrientalesDhafer Youssef9:09
KhamsaDhafer Youssef7:38
Interl'oudDhafer Youssef1:43
Louage (Odd Elegy)Dhafer Youssef4:53
In the Name of Love (Ya Hobb)Dhafer Youssef4:07
Shaouk (Intro)Dhafer Youssef2:07
ShathaDhafer Youssef5:36
MudamatanDhafer Youssef4:54
Sabaa (Hayastan Dance)Dhafer Youssef5:00
SuraDhafer Youssef6:07
ProfaneDhafer Youssef4:39

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