The Wailing Souls - Lay It on the Line

The Wailing Souls - Lay It on the Line
Styles: Dub, Roots Reggae, Dancehall
Recording Location: Dynamic Studio, Kingston, Jamaica
Genre: Reggae
Album: Lay It on the Line
Release Date: 1986
Artist: The Wailing Souls
Duration: 34:06

Some say the Wailing Souls did their best work at Channel One in the mid-1970s; others point to their work under dancehall maestro Henry "Junjo" Lawes as demonstrating the peak of their considerable skills. But this fine mid-1980s set, recorded at Dynamic under the guidance of the relatively obscure producer Delroy Wright, is about as good as anything they had done up until this point. Part of the credit goes to the Roots Radics, whose rock solid post-dancehall grooves fill every nook and cranny of this fine album, but as always the main focus is the reedy but muscular vocals of lead singer Winston Matthews and the pristine harmonies of Lloyd McDonald and Winston Thomas.

This set includes the excellent "We Won't Succumb" and the very dread "Good Over Evil," as well as several other highlights. Bonus: printed lyrics in the insert booklet, a real rarity with reggae recordings. Highly recommended.

Lat It on the Line / Winston "Pipe" MatthewsThe Wailing Souls4:08
We Won't Succumb / Winston "Pipe" MatthewsThe Wailing Souls4:27
Them a Fret / Winston "Pipe" MatthewsThe Wailing Souls4:35
Bum Rap / Winston "Pipe" MatthewsThe Wailing Souls4:10
Informer / Winston "Pipe" Matthews / Lloyd McDonaldThe Wailing Souls4:11
Good Over Evil / Winston "Pipe" MatthewsThe Wailing Souls4:04
No Big Thing / Winston "Pipe" Matthews / Lloyd McDonaldThe Wailing Souls4:18
If I Love You Too Much / Winston "Pipe" Matthews / Lloyd McDonaldThe Wailing Souls4:13

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