Pierce Pettis - Chase the Buffalo

Pierce Pettis - Chase the Buffalo
Styles: Contemporary Folk, Country-Folk
Recording Location: Fourth Street Recording, Santa Monica, CA; Rockett Plant; Stagg Street Studios, Van Nuys, CA
Genre: Folk
Album: Chase the Buffalo
Release Date: 1993
Artist: Pierce Pettis
Duration: 58:22

On Pierce Pettis's fourth album, Chase the Buffalo, he shows a great deal of growth as a writer and studio performer. Pettis's other releases have had some high points, but on this CD, Pettis's politics and Southern gothic folk style are integrated better. His writing is more consistent and stands up to his mature and controlled vocals. The production by David Miner is also more focused on Pierce's style than before. This is an album worth tracking down.

Nod Over Coffee / Mark HeardPierce Pettis4:35
You're Not There / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:03
Natchez Trace / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:03
Family / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis3:17
Trying to Stand Ina Fallen World / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:19
One Who Got Away / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:30
No More Sad Songs / Jonathan Edwards / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis5:08
Lions of the Colosseum / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis3:22
Chase the Buffalo / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:36
Appalachian Bloodlines / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:11
Stickman / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis5:57
I Will Be Here / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:04
Remembering Gamble / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis2:00
Envelopes of Light / Pierce PettisPierce Pettis4:17

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