Arco Iris - Peace Pipes

Arco Iris - Peace Pipes
Styles: South American Traditions
Recording Location: Danara Studios, Lake Arrowhead, CA
Genre: Jazz
Album: Peace Pipes
Release Date: October 26, 1999
Artist: Arco Iris
Duration: 43:08

Arco Iris' Peace Pipes fuses the soothing sounds of new age with the sensuality of Latin jazz. Tracks like "Tierra del Fuego," "Aurora del Sur," and "Farewell of the Doves" manage to be relaxing yet compelling, mixing the Tokatlians' saxophones, bells, and chimes with synthesizer atmospheres and indigenous flutes and percussion.

Peace PipesArco Iris5:49
Caravan / James Baker / Bill FowlerArco Iris5:09
I See the LightArco Iris4:18
Camino del IncaArco Iris5:31
El Condor Pasa / TraditionalArco Iris4:48
Sunrise ChacareraArco Iris6:50
AlgarrobaArco Iris5:47
Soaring Over the High PlanesArco Iris4:55

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