Scholars Baroque Ensemble - Handel: Messiah

Scholars Baroque Ensemble - Handel: Messiah
Styles: Choral
Genre: Classical
Album: Handel: Messiah
Release Date: 1992
Artist: Scholars Baroque Ensemble
Duration: 02:21:10
Messiah, oratorio, HWV 56
Part 1. SinfonyScholars Baroque Ensemble3:12
Part 1. Recitative. Comfort ye my peopleScholars Baroque Ensemble3:07 Amazon
Part 1. Aria. Ev'ry valley shall be exaltedScholars Baroque Ensemble3:34 Amazon
Part 1. Chorus. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealedScholars Baroque Ensemble2:37 Amazon
Part 1. Recitative. Thus saith the LordScholars Baroque Ensemble1:24 Amazon
Part 1. Aria. But who may abide the day of His comingScholars Baroque Ensemble3:06 Amazon
Part 1. Chorus. And He shall purify the sons of LeviScholars Baroque Ensemble2:28 Amazon
Part 1. Recitative. Behold a virgin shall conceiveScholars Baroque Ensemble0:25 Amazon
Part 1. Aria. O thou that tellest good things to ZionScholars Baroque Ensemble5:32 Amazon
Part 1. Recitative. For behold, darkness shall cover the earthScholars Baroque Ensemble2:41 Amazon
Part 1. Aria. The people that walked in darkness have seen a great lightScholars Baroque Ensemble4:25 Amazon
Part 1. Chorus. For unto us a child is bornScholars Baroque Ensemble4:03
Part 1. PifaScholars Baroque Ensemble0:55
Part 1. Recitative. There were shepherds abiding in the fieldScholars Baroque Ensemble1:21 Amazon
Part 1. Chorus. Glory to God in the highestScholars Baroque Ensemble1:54 Amazon
Part 1. Aria. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of ZionScholars Baroque Ensemble4:04 Amazon
Part 1. Recitative. Then shall the eyes of the blind be open'dScholars Baroque Ensemble0:20 Amazon
Part 1. Aria. He shall feed His flock like a shepherdScholars Baroque Ensemble5:12 Amazon
Part 1. Chorus. His yoke is easyScholars Baroque Ensemble2:22
Part 2. Chorus. Behold the Lamb of GodScholars Baroque Ensemble2:51 Amazon
Part 2. Aria. He was despised and rejected of menScholars Baroque Ensemble11:10 Amazon
Part 2. Chorus. Surely, He hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrowsScholars Baroque Ensemble2:05 Amazon
Part 2. Chorus. And with His stripes we are healed.Scholars Baroque Ensemble1:53 Amazon
Part 2. Chorus. All we like sheep have gone astrayScholars Baroque Ensemble3:54 Amazon

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