Andrew Kennedy - Almost Black

Andrew Kennedy - Almost Black
Styles: Comedy
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Album: Almost Black
Artist: Andrew Kennedy
Hello San AntonioAndrew Kennedy0:49
The One Drop RuleAndrew Kennedy3:11
Almost LatinoAndrew Kennedy2:10
Latinos in Disguise for a Better AmericaAndrew Kennedy0:58
We Are FamilyAndrew Kennedy0:47
Rosetta StoneAndrew Kennedy1:13
Racial Profiling: DOAAndrew Kennedy3:50
Hong Kong to New CanaanAndrew Kennedy3:36
Great ScottAndrew Kennedy1:18
Brits & MomAndrew Kennedy1:17
I'm a GrowerAndrew Kennedy2:49
Meet the KidsAndrew Kennedy2:44
Island PeopleAndrew Kennedy2:23
Rednecks Don't Do ShakespeareAndrew Kennedy1:08
Russia on IceAndrew Kennedy2:18
The Chinese LadyAndrew Kennedy2:05
Women + Alcohol = SexAndrew Kennedy2:40
"Together" NightmaresAndrew Kennedy5:29
About the DogAndrew Kennedy2:09
The ShedAndrew Kennedy1:11
Discovering ViagraAndrew Kennedy3:50
Schwarzenegger, Walken & ClintonAndrew Kennedy5:10

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