Johnny Nightmare - Here's Johnny

Johnny Nightmare - Here's Johnny
Recording Location: Smart n' Hard
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Here's Johnny
Release Date: July 15, 2008
Artist: Johnny Nightmare
Demon SeedJohnny Nightmare1:06
TonightJohnny Nightmare2:53
Gallow BirdsJohnny Nightmare3:05
RestlessJohnny Nightmare2:32
PsychokillerJohnny Nightmare3:43
Wrecking on the DancefloorJohnny Nightmare2:43
In League with SatanJohnny Nightmare2:07
Red Devil Black DevilJohnny Nightmare3:58
My Burning BrideJohnny Nightmare2:39
Halo of FliesJohnny Nightmare2:38
Psychobilly CadillacJohnny Nightmare2:54
Whiskey FuneralJohnny Nightmare3:19
Hero in the Sunset-Killer on the RunJohnny Nightmare3:31

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