The Bad Lieutenants - Every Time I Come Around

The Bad Lieutenants - Every Time I Come Around
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Every Time I Come Around
Release Date: May 9, 2006
Artist: The Bad Lieutenants
Duration: 31:41
Balls out in MemphisThe Bad Lieutenants2:12
Billy SmithThe Bad Lieutenants2:08
Little HitlerThe Bad Lieutenants1:38
Stand Up and FallThe Bad Lieutenants3:44
Now You Gone N Done ItThe Bad Lieutenants1:55
Jesus on the PhoneThe Bad Lieutenants3:03
FuckersThe Bad Lieutenants1:54
Waitin on a LidThe Bad Lieutenants1:32
AA MeetingThe Bad Lieutenants1:51
Got Her to GoThe Bad Lieutenants1:09
ShrimperThe Bad Lieutenants1:43
Christmas Time BombThe Bad Lieutenants2:28
Spasto-ColaThe Bad Lieutenants2:26
Big Fat LegThe Bad Lieutenants1:56
Midnight BeefcakeThe Bad Lieutenants2:02

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