Snuff - Blue Gravy: Phase 9

Snuff - Blue Gravy: Phase 9
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Punk-Pop, Hardcore Punk, Punk/New Wave
Recording Location: Moles Studio
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Date: March, 2001
Album: Blue Gravy: Phase 9
Release Date: June 19, 2001
Artist: Snuff
Duration: 21:45

Around, on and off, since 1986, by now it's difficult to review Snuff without resorting to such as hyperbole as "one of the best bands on the punk scene" or "greatest record they've ever released." In fact, it's virtually impossible to remain rational in the presence of this band's music because every time you think they've reached their apex, they return with something even better. On Blue Gravy: Phase 9, the band goes through their paces like a prize-winning racehorse, over nine tracks that showcase the quintet's versatility and ever-more intriguing approach to punk rock. Punk rock, of course, is merely a convenient label, for Snuff is equally indebted to the '60s for musical inspiration, however, by placing the retro elements into a thoroughly modern context, they've created an entirely unique and innovative sound. On "Blue Gravy," the band blends a psychedelic meltdown with a pounding rhythm, for "Slipt" they twine jaunty mod harmonies to a winning new-school punk melody, "Prisoner Abroad" whacks a mod-esque tune with a hardcore rhythm, and then there's the crazed '60s R&B harmonica solo slammed into the pummeling "Damaged." Ska and soul color new versions of two songs, while a pair of exhilarating live tracks capture the group's onstage energy. And that pretty much covers all the bases. You can't get better than this -- except Snuff inevitably will.

Prisoner AbroadSnuff2:18
Blue GravySnuff2:36
Damaged / Richard Crighton / WellsSnuff2:49
Ichola Buddha / Richard Crighton / WellsSnuff2:24
Night of the Li's / Richard Crighton / WellsSnuff1:54
Caught in Session / Richard Crighton / WellsSnuff2:00
Ecstacy / Richard Crighton / WellsSnuff2:06

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