Chris Jagger - Chris Jagger

Chris Jagger - Chris Jagger
Styles: North American Traditions, Rock & Roll, Roots Rock, Zydeco
Recording Location: Stonesmobile, London
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Chris Jagger
Release Date: 1973
Artist: Chris Jagger
Duration: 36:42

The brother of Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger, on this solo outing Chris Jagger turns in a remarkably fine performance. Although Mick lends backup vocals to a few tracks, Chris does much to prove his own worth as all but one of the album's tracks were written or co-written by him.

Songs such as "Let Me Down Easy" and "My Friend John" are so infectious it almost seems criminal that the album didn't do more to further the younger Jagger's career. Though the second half digresses a bit into the quasi-spiritualism of the day, all in all the album is a solid rock effort that equals, if not surpasses in quality and originality, the mid-70s albums made by his famous brother's band.

Handful of Dust / Chris Jagger / David PierceChris Jagger3:38
My Friend John / Chris JaggerChris Jagger2:52
Let Me Down Easy / Chris JaggerChris Jagger5:00
Going Nowhere / Chris Jagger / David PierceChris Jagger3:08
Something New / Chris JaggerChris Jagger3:57
Riddle Song / Chris JaggerChris Jagger2:40
All Souls / Chris Jagger / David PierceChris Jagger2:39
King of the Fishes / Chris Jagger / David PierceChris Jagger5:26
Hold On / Chris Jagger / David PierceChris Jagger4:10
Joy of the Ride / David PierceChris Jagger3:12

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