Kanye West - Mr. West

Kanye West - Mr. West
Styles: Alternative Rap, Midwest Rap, Pop-Rap
Genre: Rap
Album: Mr. West
Release Date: June 22, 2010
Artist: Kanye West
Duration: 01:11:41

This mixtape compiles features, remixes, alternate versions, album cuts, and tracks off previous mixtapes, as well as Saturday Night Live's September 2007 106 & Park spoof (featuring Kanye) and -- of course -- a bit from the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. It’s another way to obtain “Us Placers,” a track from the Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape featuring Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell (aka Child Rebel Soldier) over Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser.”

Mahito YokotaKanye West1:16
Love LockDownKanye West4:28
Promised LandKanye West1:28
Swagger Like UsKanye West5:26
Go HardKanye West2:14
It's OverKanye West3:30
ViagraKanye West2:27
PlasticKanye West1:07
In The MoodKanye West2:49
The Good, The Bad, The UglyKanye West1:23
1-877-Be KANYEKanye West0:59
American BoyKanye West1:45
Lollipop [Remix]Kanye West3:42
Put OnKanye West2:27
Can't Say NoKanye West0:44
Pusha Man [Remix]Kanye West1:26
Saturday Night Live (Skit)Kanye West4:42
The Finer ThingsKanye West1:25
We Good [Acapella Intermission]Kanye West feat: John Legend0:49
A Million and One Questions 2008Kanye West2:23
Everyone Nose [Remix]Kanye West3:46
Us PlacersKanye West3:49
Flashing lights [Re-Remix]Kanye West4:34
Grammy FamilyKanye West2:18
Hey Mama [Grammy Awards Studio Version]Kanye West2:36
Still DreamingKanye West2:59
#1Kanye West2:32
Half PriceKanye West2:37

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