Wilco - The Complete Studio Albums

Wilco - The Complete Studio Albums
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: The Complete Studio Albums
Release Date: November 17, 2014
Artist: Wilco
Duration: 07:30:45
I Must Be High / Jeff TweedyWilco3:01
Casino Queen / Jeff TweedyWilco2:45
Box Full Of Letters / Jeff TweedyWilco3:06
Shouldn't Be Ashamed / Jeff TweedyWilco3:30
Pick Up The Change / Jeff TweedyWilco2:56
I Thought I Held You / Jeff TweedyWilco3:49
That's Not The Issue / Jeff TweedyWilco3:21
It's Just That Simple / John StirrattWilco3:46
Should've Been In Love / Jeff TweedyWilco3:37
Passenger Side / Jeff TweedyWilco3:34
Dash 7 / Jeff TweedyWilco3:30
Blue Eyed Soul / Jeff TweedyWilco4:05
Too Far Apart / Jeff TweedyWilco3:45

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