Al Lee Wyer - Guilty with an Explanation

Al Lee Wyer - Guilty with an Explanation
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Guilty with an Explanation
Release Date: August 24, 2005
Artist: Al Lee Wyer
Duration: 44:40
I'm Sorry Sir, But You Filled It in in Blue Ink and Today Is a BAl Lee Wyer2:55
Ruy Lopez BluesAl Lee Wyer3:46
Cannibles, Who Are They and What Do Their Neighbors ThinkAl Lee Wyer3:45
Morning Near the MosqueAl Lee Wyer2:32
A Degenerate Gamblers ChristmasAl Lee Wyer4:12
I'm Mailing It in Today, Pass the Pork RindsAl Lee Wyer3:44
On the ConcourseAl Lee Wyer3:50
I Am Woman, And the World Can Kiss My Bridge TollAl Lee Wyer2:35
A Frosted Glass and a Rainy NightAl Lee Wyer2:11
After Tonight??Al Lee Wyer3:22
Bibles to Cool Aid, Hell of a JumpAl Lee Wyer3:32
The Girl Who Threw Me out Cause I Was a Bum SongAl Lee Wyer2:12
Angies Introductions (Quality Companionship, Reasonably Priced)Al Lee Wyer3:38
Time for LunchAl Lee Wyer2:26

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