Ashley Hutchings - Grandson of Morris On

Ashley Hutchings - Grandson of Morris On
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Grandson of Morris On
Release Date: April 8, 2002
Artist: Ashley Hutchings
Duration: 55:10
The Blue-Eyed Stranger the Curly Headed PloughboyAshley Hutchings4:34
Le Halle PlaceAshley Hutchings2:37
The Life of a FoolAshley Hutchings2:06
The Quakers WifeAshley Hutchings0:25
Shepherds' Hey/Orange in Bloom/QuakerAshley Hutchings5:05
Tom Long's PostAshley Hutchings2:44
Jupiter's Return/Bold Eric/Tailor's ButtonsAshley Hutchings4:53
Little Johnny EnglandAshley Hutchings2:20
Hi-Ho-Fiddle-Dee-DeeAshley Hutchings0:22
Black JokeAshley Hutchings2:40
Gloucester Hornpipe/Mr Trill's SongAshley Hutchings4:34
Sweet Jenny JonesAshley Hutchings3:52
HoratioAshley Hutchings1:41
Garland GayAshley Hutchings2:27
Saturday Night/Bobbing Joe/Beaux BadbyAshley Hutchings3:02
He Sit's ThereAshley Hutchings0:42
GlorishearsAshley Hutchings2:56
The SnakeAshley Hutchings2:40
This Is the Morris My FriendAshley Hutchings2:06
Four UpAshley Hutchings2:00
Four Up RepriseAshley Hutchings1:24

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