Stuart Hoffman - Silent Longing

Stuart Hoffman - Silent Longing
Styles: Contemporary Instrumental
Recording Location: Dunrite Productions, Westlake Village, CA; Full Circle Studio, Topanga, CA; Mad Hatter, L.A., CA; Mad Hatter, Los Angeles, CA
Genre: New Age
Album: Silent Longing
Release Date: March 23, 1999
Artist: Stuart Hoffman
Duration: 48:26

Pianist Stuart Hoffman's debut album, Silent Longing, demonstrates not only his instrumental prowess, but also his skills as a composer and arranger. Hoffman fleshes out his lovely, soothing melodies with lush (but not overpowering) orchestrations, occasionally embellishing them with worldbeat flourishes. The results make for a gentle, relaxing album with a positive outlook.

Waiting / Marcel Adjibi / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman7:20
River of Kindness / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman4:20
Spring / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman3:43
Silent Longing / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman3:26
Open up Your HeartStuart Hoffman3:46
Joy to Joy / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman5:01
Hand of Time / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman4:31
Gone / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman3:53
Music Box / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman3:07
Song for Rose / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman3:54
A Song for You / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman3:19
Waiting (Reprise) / Marcel Adjibi / Stuart HoffmanStuart Hoffman2:20

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