The Phonograff - From the Bottom Up.

The Phonograff - From the Bottom Up.
Genre: Rap
Album: From the Bottom Up.
Release Date: August 3, 2006
Artist: The Phonograff
Duration: 01:03:56
Uncrowned KingThe Phonograff2:45
Stay on PointThe Phonograff3:39
Roots Rock RhythmThe Phonograff2:42
SupostahThe Phonograff3:58
Talent vs PassionThe Phonograff3:39
808 DubThe Phonograff3:36
ActionThe Phonograff4:03
What's Your Life Like?The Phonograff3:22
Global VillageThe Phonograff3:27
FalloutThe Phonograff3:40
DiscretionsThe Phonograff3:31
Another Good DayThe Phonograff3:35
Russet WyndThe Phonograff3:00
Body Soul MindThe Phonograff2:18
This Is Not a TestThe Phonograff3:47
Pen MarksThe Phonograff1:51
God in the MachineThe Phonograff4:19
Texas Hold'emThe Phonograff3:17
The Feel Good (Outro)The Phonograff3:27

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