The Hollies - At Abbey Road 1966-1970

The Hollies - At Abbey Road 1966-1970
Styles: British Invasion, Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop, Early Pop/Rock, Merseybeat
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Date: August 22, 1966 - May 1, 1970
Album: At Abbey Road 1966-1970
Release Date: 1997
Artist: The Hollies
Duration: 01:16:03

With a few exceptions, the song lineup on this 24-track CD sounds familiar, but that's a misconception. The remastering job has been done so well that precious little on this CD sounds familiar, and it's all good. This collection picks up right where its predecessor left off, presenting a string of Hollies hits, B-sides, and notable album tracks, newly remastered in state-of-the-art sound off of original session masters. The results are frequently startling; rather than just enhancing the hits, the producers have applied the same care to their B-sides, and those are a deceptively fine group of songs in their own right. It rips the envelope altogether by throwing in the group's previously unissued recording of Graham Gouldman's "Schoolgirl," maybe the best unreleased track to come out of an EMI group this side of the Beatles' pounding version of "Leave My Kitten Alone." The remastering also makes the standard material sound more spacious and less compressed than ever before and opens up layers of sound on the guitars, percussion, and vocals that were previously obscured. Hollies fans may love this CD for a reason beyond the particular individual tracks or the dazzling sound textures; it's very much an affirmation of the peak that the band achieved in the late '60s, depicting their moves from British invasion-style rock & roll through psychedelia to pop/rock, all of it beautifully crafted and played. The notes by Bobby Elliott are highly entertaining as well as informative.

Pay You Back With Interest / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:46
On a Carousel / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies3:11
All the World Is Love / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:17
Schoolgirl / Graham GouldmanThe Hollies3:06
Carrie Anne / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:57
Signs That Will Never Change / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:34
King Midas in Reverse / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies3:10
Everything Is Sunshine / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:00
Dear Eloise / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies3:06
Open Up Your Eyes / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:50
Man With No Expression (Horses Through a Rainstorm) / Graham Nash / Terry ReidThe Hollies3:26
Listen to Me / Tony HazzardThe Hollies2:41
Do the Best You Can / Allan Clarke / Tony Hicks / Graham NashThe Hollies2:41
Blowin' in the Wind / Bob DylanThe Hollies feat: Graham Nash4:21
Sorry Suzanne / Tony Macaulay / Geoff StephensThe Hollies3:02
Not That Way at All / Allan ClarkeThe Hollies2:51
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother / Bob Russell / Bobby ScottThe Hollies4:22
'Cos You Like to Love Me / Tony HicksThe Hollies2:46
Sign of the Times / Allan Clarke / Tony HicksThe Hollies3:02
I Can't Tell the Bottom from the Top / Guy Fletcher / Doug FlettThe Hollies3:53
Mad Professor Blyth / Allan ClarkeThe Hollies2:37
Gasoline Alley Bred / Roger Cook / Roger Greenaway / Tony MacaulayThe Hollies3:56
Dandelion Wine / Tony HicksThe Hollies2:45
Confessions of a Mind / Tony HicksThe Hollies5:43

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