Eduardo Paniagua - Aire de Al-Andalus

Eduardo Paniagua - Aire de Al-Andalus
Styles: Vocal Music, Western European Traditions, Chamber Music
Genre: Classical
Album: Aire de Al-Andalus
Release Date: 2004
Artist: Eduardo Paniagua
Duration: 01:12:16

Pneuma's Aire de Al-Andalus is a sprawling collection of pieces played on traditional Arabic instruments that purports to constitute a cross-section of Arabo-Andalusian music. It appears collected from a wide variety of recordings made under the direction of Pneuma label head, musicologist and original instrument flutist Eduardo Paniagua; some of the recordings are recycled from a 1994 M.A. Recordings release entitled Medieval Spanish Dances (still in print) and others stem from previously released sources, as well. Aire de Al-Andalus features Paniagua performing, in most cases, in collaboration with other flute players from Algeria, Syria, Morocco, and Spain; other flute-like instruments include the nay, fhal, and kaval. Said drawn from the repertoire of Moorish Andalusia, the material includes a few of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, but the rest of it is an odd mixture of a lot of other things, including Arabic pieces from the nineteenth century, improvisations, and the like. Although nicely printed, this disc was clearly designed for economy's sake, coming with a densely worded six-page booklet that is rich in illustrations, but scant on information or even some idea of the thrust of this collection. While it is pleasant to listen to and all of the music is expertly played, about midway through the disc listeners may find themselves hopelessly lost. One cannot determine how the music identified as Andalusian is different from music that is Arabic; it all sounds of a piece, despite the diversity of recorded sources and works included. If one is inclined toward Persian classical music in a general sense, Pneuma's Aire de Al-Andalus will certainly not offend, but to those who need some additional background on this music to understand its meaning and context, it will not enlighten, either.

Taqsim "Qaim wa nusf Gabribat al Husein", for traditional ensembleEduardo Paniagua2:13
Qa 'im wa-nisf Nahawand (Wine and roses), for traditional ensembleEduardo Paniagua4:18
Muwwál tawíl "Alá yá nasíma" (The secret rendezvous), traditional song (Modo Raml L-Mayá)Eduardo Paniagua4:34
Traditional melody after Kasay, for traditional ensemble (Modo Shushtari - Persia)Eduardo Paniagua2:58
Cantiga de Santa María 325, Con dereit' a Virgen santa á nome Strela do DiaEduardo Paniagua2:00
Aliento de las flores (Breath of flowers), for traditional ensemble (Taqsim Maluf de Constantina - Argelia)Eduardo Paniagua3:18
Mossader ya muslimin (O Muslim), for traditional ensemlble (Nuba Iraq de Libia)Eduardo Paniagua1:24
Chahar mizrab (Heights and gallop), for traditional ensemble (Modo Mahor, Persia))Eduardo Paniagua4:39
Muwwál Tih Dalálan (Show haughtiness), traditional song (Núba Iráq al-'Ayam)Eduardo Paniagua2:46
Brisa embalsamada (Perfumed breeze), for traditional ensemble (Taqsim Maluf de Constantina - Argelia)Eduardo Paniagua3:06
Cantiga de Santa María 79, Ay, Santa MaríaEduardo Paniagua2:28
Dulab Hozam y Taqsim Nay, for traditional ensemble (Wasla al Sikah Hozam de Alepo - Siria)Eduardo Paniagua2:12
Yeserías (Artistic plasterwork), for traditional ensemble (Melodía sobre mod Andalusí)Eduardo Paniagua2:17
Sana'aEduardo Paniagua1:41
Cantiga de Santa María 168, En todo logar á poderEduardo Paniagua3:02
Masmud and Laila's lament, song (Modo Shushtari - Persia)Eduardo Paniagua2:41
The Birth of the Prophet, for traditional ensemble (Maluf, al-Rizqí - Túnez)Eduardo Paniagua2:44
En el Atrio (In the Atrium), for traditional ensemble (Melodía sobre modo andalusí)Eduardo Paniagua5:58
Call to Prayer, for traditional ensemble (Maqam Hedjaz - Turquía)Eduardo Paniagua2:32
Perfume of the Wind, for traditional ensemble (Modo Dashti - Persia)Eduardo Paniagua2:34
Muwwál "Wa Ahsanu Ahwálí" (Place My Confidence), traditional song (al-Harráq, Modo Zrga)Eduardo Paniagua2:12
San'a Twishya Quddam Bawakir al Maya (The Star Stone), for traditional ensembleEduardo Paniagua2:20
O Girls, My Excited Heart, traditional melody (Maluf, al-Rizqí - Túnez)Eduardo Paniagua4:32
Raqqat Hawáshíhá (Its slopes are gentle), for traditional ensemble (Modo Sika)Eduardo Paniagua3:47

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