Mercyful Fate - The Beginning

Mercyful Fate - The Beginning
Styles: Heavy Metal
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: The Beginning
Release Date: 1987
Artist: Mercyful Fate
Duration: 44:53

Beginning is a fine overview of highlights from Mercyful Fate's early recordings, containing songs that weren't included on either Melissa or Don't Break the Oath. There isn't anything particuarly revelatory here, but there are enough interesting moments to make it worthwhile for hardcore fans.

Doomed by the Living Dead / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate5:07
A Corpse Without Soul / King Diamond / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate6:52
Nuns Have No Fun / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate4:17
Devil Eyes / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate5:48
Curse of the Pharaohs / King Diamond / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate3:50
Evil / King Diamond / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate4:01
Satan's Fall / King Diamond / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate10:28
Black Masses / Hank ShermannMercyful Fate4:30
Black Funeral / King Diamond / Sherman, HankMercyful Fate2:52

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