Edgar Winter's White Trash - Recycled

Edgar Winter's White Trash - Recycled
Styles: Rock & Roll
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Recycled
Release Date: 1977
Artist: Edgar Winter's White Trash
Duration: 45:18

The much-anticipated reunion of Edgar Winter's White Trash brings the powerhouse vocalist Jerry LaCroix back to the forefront, allowing Edgar Winter to put more of his energy into the keyboards, saxophones and percussion. While Recycled is by no means any competition for their 1971 debut album or their subsequent live release, Roadwork, it still houses a few punches that will catch you with your guard down if you aren't careful. Extreme musicianship dominates, but a few classic covers might have helped endear this release to its listeners. After all, that was the key to the original success.

Puttin' It BackEdgar Winter's White Trash4:08
Left Over LoveEdgar Winter's White Trash5:51
Shake It Off / Jon SmithEdgar Winter's White Trash3:57
Stickin' It Out / Edgar WinterEdgar Winter's White Trash5:12
New WaveEdgar Winter's White Trash3:47
Open UpEdgar Winter's White Trash5:02
Parallel LoveEdgar Winter's White Trash4:09
In and out of Love BluesEdgar Winter's White Trash5:42
CompetitionEdgar Winter's White Trash7:30

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