Spike - It's a Treat to Be Alive

Spike - It's a Treat to Be Alive
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Neo-Glam
Recording Location: Music Center Befdord; Wildtrax, County Durham
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: It's a Treat to Be Alive
Release Date: November 6, 2006
Artist: Spike
Duration: 50:57
Have a Drink with MeSpike3:31
Be Good to YourselfSpike3:04
Wins, Ties and LossesSpike3:26
Rise AboveSpike3:12
Won't Ya Stick AroundSpike3:35
Without YouSpike4:28
Lady and Her DaughterSpike3:32
When I'm Away from YouSpike3:38
So Far So GoodSpike3:33
She's a Rolling StoneSpike4:00
I'm in Love with YouSpike3:27
True FriendsSpike4:26
7/11 RosesSpike3:46

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