KB - Weight & Glory

KB - Weight & Glory
Styles: Christian Rap, Contemporary Christian
Genre: Rap
Album: Weight & Glory
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Artist: KB
Duration: 53:44

With a base style that's similar, it's no surprise that Christian rapper Kevin Burgess graduated from the indie circuit to the majors thanks to rapper Lecrae, especially since they sounded simpatico on Lecrae's release Rehab. Thing is, KB threatens to eclipse his mentor on the all-the-way live Weight & Glory, punching and preaching in that street church style of Lecrae's while adding his own charismatic spin, dropping clever little bits and jokes in a Drake fashion, just without the sin and swear words. On the key track "Open Letter (Battlefield)," he simply reads fan letters that ask for advice, which he doles out in rhythmic rhymes that are dotted with hip slang and Bible verses. "Church Clap" is something different entirely, grinding like a swampy David Banner cut during its verses, and erupting into a joyous, hooky chorus that suggests the Black Eyed Peas have joined some Deep South congregation. There's no filler, a wealth of hip-hop styles are covered with true spirit, and guests like Tedashii, Trip Lee, and Suzy Rock sound inspired in these surroundings.

That goes double for Lecrae, who gives his best on his guest shot, proving he's taken every Bible verse about selfless service to heart and applied them to the hip-hop game while giving his biggest competition center stage.

Weight Music / Kevin Burgess / Courtney Eason / Chris Mackey / Jenny NorlinKB2:46
Zone Out / Kevin Burgess / Chris Lee Cobbins / Brandon PeavyKB3:13
Anomaly / Andre Atkinson / Kevin Burgess / Mark Mims / Maurice ToniaKB3:27
Don't Mean Much / Austin Abbott / Justin Boller / Kevin Burgess / Torrance Esmond / Amisho Lewis / Derrick Omondi Okoth / Mitch Parks / Joseph Prielozny / Benjamin Thom / John WilliamsKB3:37
Go Off / Tedashii Anderson / Kevin Burgess / Charles Cornelius / Alex Medina / Andy MineoKB4:28
Mr. Pretender / Kevin Burgess / Chris Mackey / Akelee RellifordKB3:50
Open Letter (Battlefield) / William Barefield / Kevin Burgess / Jeremy Ezell / Chris Mackey / Joseph Prielozny / Natalie Sims / Allen Swoope / Jaime WilliamsKB5:29
Heart Song / Kevin Burgess / Joseph Prielozny / Natalie Sims / John WilliamsKB4:37
Angels / Kevin Burgess / Marcus Gray / Brandon PeavyKB3:28
Tear It Down / Kevin Burgess / Clint LightfootKB3:45
Church Clap / Kevin Burgess / Lecrae Moore / Joseph Prielozny / Natalie Sims / John WilliamsKB3:17
Hello / Kevin Burgess / Joseph Prielozny / Natalie Sims / John WilliamsKB3:06
Here We Go / Kevin Burgess / Warren Harris / Marlon Montgomery / Brian TaylorKB4:34
Zone Out [Amped Remix] / Karac Boldick / Kevin Burgess / Chris Lee Cobbins / Brandon Peavy / Joseph PrieloznyKB4:07

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