Ray Lynch - Best of Ray Lynch [Windham Hill]

Ray Lynch - Best of Ray Lynch [Windham Hill]
Styles: Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental, Adult Alternative
Genre: New Age
Album: Best of Ray Lynch [Windham Hill]
Release Date: February 10, 1998
Artist: Ray Lynch
Duration: 01:09:03

The Best of Ray Lynch collects ten of the artist's best-loved tracks, plus two brand-new songs and a remix of his underground hit "Celestial Soda Pop." It's the perfect introduction to Lynch's brand of lush, ambient electronic music.

Ralph's Rhapsody / Ray LynchRay Lynch4:43
The Music of What Happens / Ray LynchRay Lynch4:04
The Oh of Pleasure / Tom Canning / Ray LynchRay Lynch5:22
Celestial Soda Pop / Ray LynchRay Lynch4:40
Clouds Below Your Knees / Ray LynchRay Lynch4:54
The Vanished Gardens of Córdoba / Ray LynchRay Lynch8:24
The True Spirit of Mom & Dad / Ray LynchRay Lynch8:06
The Temple / Ray LynchRay Lynch8:03
Her Knees Deep in Your Mind / Ray LynchRay Lynch6:18
Kathleen's Song / Ray LynchRay Lynch4:08
Tiny Geometries / Ray LynchRay Lynch6:06
Rio Clarifies / Ray LynchRay Lynch0:06
Celestial Soda Pop / Ray LynchRay Lynch4:09

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