The Charm the Fury - A Shade of My Former Self

The Charm the Fury - A Shade of My Former Self
Styles: Heavy Metal
Recording Location: Bohus Sound Recording, Kungälv; Clearvision Recordings, Amsterdam
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: A Shade of My Former Self
Release Date: September 16, 2013
Artist: The Charm the Fury
Duration: 41:30
The UnveilingThe Charm the Fury1:56
A TestamentThe Charm the Fury3:17
Carte BlancheThe Charm the Fury3:46
A Shade of My Former SelfThe Charm the Fury4:22
The EnemyThe Charm the Fury4:12
ColorblindThe Charm the Fury3:12
In the Wake of PrideThe Charm the Fury1:42
Living SaintsThe Charm the Fury3:22
Heartless, BreathlessThe Charm the Fury3:40
Virtue of LeadershipThe Charm the Fury3:42
A New State of MindThe Charm the Fury4:03
DeliveranceThe Charm the Fury4:16

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