Thom Rotella - Thom Rotella Band

Thom Rotella - Thom Rotella Band
Styles: Crossover Jazz, Fusion, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Recording Location: Clinton Recording, New York, NY; Digital Music Products
Genre: Jazz
Recording Date: August 21, 1987 - August 29, 1987
Album: Thom Rotella Band
Release Date: August, 1987
Artist: Thom Rotella
Duration: 01:03:19
Patti Cake / Thom RotellaThom Rotella4:31
Come Down Easy / Thom RotellaThom Rotella3:32
Naima / John ColtraneThom Rotella5:14
The Immigrants / Thom RotellaThom Rotella5:21
Song for LeahThom Rotella4:00
In the Wind / Wayne PedzwaterThom Rotella6:02
Bring on the Night / Thom RotellaThom Rotella5:38
Summers End / Thom RotellaThom Rotella4:32
Don't Pack Your Bags / Thom RotellaThom Rotella7:06
Little Chubby / Clint DeGanonThom Rotella1:37
Never Too Far Away / Thom RotellaThom Rotella5:27
Friends / Wayne PedzwaterThom Rotella3:55
Al Mare / Thom RotellaThom Rotella3:36
Little Dancer / Thom RotellaThom Rotella2:48

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