Christa Couture - Fell out of Oz

Christa Couture - Fell out of Oz
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Fell out of Oz
Release Date: January 1, 2007
Artist: Christa Couture
Duration: 50:39
Jennifer GrayChrista Couture4:43
Day 4Christa Couture3:58
I WillChrista Couture3:50
Scared TooChrista Couture4:58
Weight of the WaitChrista Couture3:29
For Miette (Cicuitry)Christa Couture3:29
Fell out of OzChrista Couture4:14
The Next BedChrista Couture4:41
London FirstChrista Couture3:52
Sundries Like MondaysChrista Couture4:48
HabitualChrista Couture8:37

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