Edna Ritchie - Of Viper, Kentucky

Edna Ritchie - Of Viper, Kentucky
Recording Location: Viper, KT
Genre: Folk
Album: Of Viper, Kentucky
Release Date: 1962
Artist: Edna Ritchie
Duration: 44:01
May Day Carol / TraditionalEdna Ritchie2:02
Gentle Fair Jenny / TraditionalEdna Ritchie2:39
The Riddle Song / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:42
Old Tyler / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:13
Old Crumley / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:03
Aunt Sal's Song / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:56
Foreign Lander / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:52
Dear Companion / TraditionalEdna Ritchie2:06
Old King Cole / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:11
Somebody's Tall and Handsome / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:11
Down Came an Angel / TraditionalEdna Ritchie5:02
The Cuckoo / TraditionalEdna Ritchie1:26
Old Chimney Sweeper / TraditionalEdna Ritchie2:01
Fair and Tender Ladies / TraditionalEdna Ritchie3:05
Blackest Crow / TraditionalEdna Ritchie2:19
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married / TraditionalEdna Ritchie2:23
An Old Man Came Courting Me / TraditionalEdna Ritchie3:29
Jackaro / TraditionalEdna Ritchie3:37
As Joseph was A-Walking / TraditionalEdna Ritchie3:44

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