Rocker-T - More Luv

Rocker-T - More Luv
Genre: Reggae
Album: More Luv
Release Date: 2003
Artist: Rocker-T
Duration: 01:14:09

The Positive Sound Massive label has perhaps set a new standard for media hype with this claim, from the press materials that accompanied a review copy of the new Rocker-T album: "More Luv is more than an album, it is a way of life." Um, OK. But actually, this is the most serious and introspective album of Rocker-T's career so far, and at times he sings and toasts as if he's carrying a substantial weight on his slender shoulders. As always, he is dealing primarily with the typical concerns of roots-and-culture reggae: love of God and fellowman, spiritual purity, and the need to resist the blandishments of Babylon. But on songs like "Kind of Man" and the touchingly bittersweet "Don't Give up on Me," his message is more romantic and earthy and occasionally borders on despair. Several tracks on this album are too long, but many are so good that the extra length is welcome: "Rainbow Country" is an open-hearted invitation to join in building heaven on earth, while "Rise up an' Stand" and "Bad Wrong Sign" (both produced by the legendary Glen Adams) offer exhortation and condemnation in equal degree. The rhythms are primarily digital, but Rocker-T knows how to keep the groove rootsy and real (though actual horns would have been nice on "You Don't Have to Worry"). More Luv doesn't quite generate the same sheer excitement as Nicer by the Hour did, but it's a worthy entry in Rocker-T's all-too-slowly growing catalog.

Wherever You Go Whatever You NeedRocker-T7:31
Rainbow CountryRocker-T4:30
More LuvRocker-T6:18
Bad Wrong SignRocker-T5:01
One Time Mi Locks Mi HeadRocker-T5:16
Rise Up and StandRocker-T5:20
Tek It Out AgainRocker-T4:01
Jah the Only OneRocker-T4:25
You Don't Have to WorryRocker-T4:19
Joyous WorksRocker-T6:43
My EmpressRocker-T4:39
Kind of ManRocker-T5:35
Don't Give Up on MeRocker-T6:46

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