Ella Fitzgerald - 1951-1952 Decca Recordings

Ella Fitzgerald - 1951-1952 Decca Recordings
Styles: Standards, Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz, American Popular Song
Genre: Vocal
Album: 1951-1952 Decca Recordings
Release Date: May 27, 2003
Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
Duration: 53:09

Ella Fitzgerald once admitted, very modestly, that she stole everything she heard, especially from the horns. Although her clear vocal talent and immense interpretive skills squashed such a pithy concern as originality, her early-'50s Decca period was a mishmash of styles and arrangements that Fitzgerald only triumphed over with a struggle. The best of them are excellent, however, and many sides on this fine Disconforme collection show her trumpeting her voice in ways the brass section would really appreciate. Backed by top arranger Sy Oliver's ever-resourceful orchestra, she shines on the exuberant "Hot Canary" and the soothingly swinging "Smooth Sailing." For "Air Mail Special," Fitzgerald turns in one of her finest scat performances in front of husband Ray Brown's tough-swinging bop small group.

Her ballad work on "Angel Eyes" is exemplary too, but it's with light bop pieces like "Give a Little, Get a Little" and "Preview" that this material really shines. Her last years at Decca marked a halfway point -- midway between her first brush with bop in the mid-'40s and her artistic peak at Verve with the mid-'50s songbooks -- but her irrepressible artistic spirit made much of it sound like pure genius.

The Hot Canary / Ray Gilbert / Paul NeroElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:17
Because of Rain / Nat King Cole / William O. Harrington / Ruth PoleElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:11
Mixed Emotions / Stuart F. LouchheimElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:17
Smooth Sailing / Arnett CobbElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:06
I Don't Want to Take a ChanceElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver3:15
There Never Was a Baby Like My Baby / Betty Comden / Adolph Green / Jule StyneElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver2:49
Give a Little, Get a Little / Betty Comden / Adolph Green / Jule StyneElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver3:21
Air Mail Special / Charlie Christian / Benny Goodman / Jimmy MundyElla Fitzgerald feat: Ray Brown Orchestra3:03
A Guy Is a Guy / Oscar BrandElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra2:54
Gee, But I'm Glad to Know You Love Me / Allan RobertsElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:07
Goody Goody / Matty Malneck / Johnny MercerElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra2:25
You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini) / Sam CoslowElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra5:12
Angel Eyes / Earl Brent / Matt DennisElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra2:56
Ella's Contribution to the Blues / Ella Fitzgerald / Hank JonesElla Fitzgerald feat: Leroy Kirkland Orchestra2:33
Early Autumn / Ralph Burns / Woody Herman / Johnny MercerElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:15
Walking by the River / Una Mae Carlisle / Robert SourElla Fitzgerald feat: Leroy Kirkland Orchestra2:26
Preview / Paul QuinichetteElla Fitzgerald feat: Sy Oliver's Orchestra3:02

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