The Rossington Band - Love Your Man

The Rossington Band - Love Your Man
Styles: Southern Rock
Genre: Pop\Rock
Album: Love Your Man
Release Date: 1988
Artist: The Rossington Band

1988's Love Your Man picks up where the pop sensibilities of 1986's Returned to the Scene of the Crime left off, and takes Gary Rossington's sound in a totally different direction.

Favoring a more hard-edged sound and a return to guitars over the polished chords of overly chorused keyboards, Rossington and wife Dale Krantz still craft their tunes for the pop/rock audience, but nod in acknowledgment of Rossington's roots in Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The production sounds dated at this point, but there are still some fine pop nuggets to be found on Love Your Man. The fiery opener "Losing Control" could have given any hard rock diva a run for her money in 1988, and the '50s-influenced "Holdin' My Own" shows off the versatility of the duo's songwriting ability. Unfortunately, the album was largely overshadowed due to the media attention surrounding the reunion of Rossington's mothership group, Lynyrd Skynyrd. A sad notion, as most of the tracks found here are easily on par with anything Skynyrd would record and release during this time period.

Losin' ControlThe Rossington Band
Welcome Me HomeThe Rossington Band
Call It LoveThe Rossington Band
Holdin' My OwnThe Rossington Band
Rock OnThe Rossington Band
Love Your ManThe Rossington Band
Stay with MeThe Rossington Band
Nowhere to RunThe Rossington Band
Say It from the HeartThe Rossington Band
I Don't Want to Leave YouThe Rossington Band

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