Freddie Jackson - Live in Concert

Freddie Jackson - Live in Concert
Styles: Urban
Genre: R&B
Album: Live in Concert
Release Date: October 10, 2000
Artist: Freddie Jackson
Duration: 01:19:39

A live album gave James Brown's career a big kick in 1962 and this live set might rejuvenate New Yorker Freddie Jackson's ailing career. Not! While Jackson wastes no time singing the hits of others, the bane of many live urban recordings and concerts, the 11 tracks stretch far beyond their original parameters: four are longer than eight minutes, and two run more than nine (yawn). Fleshed-out tunes are not for everybody; most people like to hear recordings close to what they heard on the radio. If this is you, this showcase of Jackson's singing and speaking ability will leave you cold.

Nice 'N' Slow / Barry J. Eastmond / J. Scott SkinnerFreddie Jackson5:53
Have You Ever Loved SomebodyFreddie Jackson6:03
Tasty Love / Paul LaurenceFreddie Jackson4:35
Only the Man in Heaven / Royal BayyanFreddie Jackson9:06
Jam Tonight / Freddie Jackson / Paul LaurenceFreddie Jackson6:09
Don't Want to Lose Your Love / Gene McFadden / James McKinney / Linda Vitali / John WhiteheadFreddie Jackson5:48
Love Me Down / Barry J. Eastmond / J. Scott SkinnerFreddie Jackson8:11
Don't Let Love Slip Away / Barry J. Eastmond / J. Scott SkinnerFreddie Jackson8:39
What Is It Good For? / Janice Dempsey / Paul Laurence / James McKinneyFreddie Jackson9:47
You Are My Lady / Barry J. EastmondFreddie Jackson6:25
Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake) / Paul LaurenceFreddie Jackson9:03

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